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About the Sno-Valley Indoor Playground:


Our Mission Statement:
The Sno-Valley Indoor Playground, a non-profit, parent-run organization, seeks to enhance the lives of families with children ages 0-5 through programs designed to encourage a greater sense of community in the Snoqualmie Valley.

How is the Playground Funded?
The playground is funded by donations from participants and through various fundraisers.  These funds are applied directly to the costs of the facility rental, toy acquisition, insurance, advertising, and office supplies.

Who Runs the Playground?
People like yourself!  The playground is a non-profit organization run solely by parent volunteers.  Currently over 30 parents volunteer their time enabling the playground to be successful.  All play equipment is left on site, which parentís setup and takedown for each session.  Parent Facilitators are there at each session to greet parents, answer questions and collect the donations.  The Board of Directors is responsible for coordinating the necessary arrangements for running the playground. In addition to the board, various committees have been formed to spread the workload to more volunteers.  These committees include: Toy Safety, Newsletter, and Fundraising.  The more volunteers we have the better our playground will be!

How Many Volunteers are Needed?
There is no specific number of volunteers, but the more we have, the less time each one will need to spend on playground tasks.  All of us are aware of the busy and sometimes hectic lives you have, and adding one more responsibility may seem unmanageable.  But we also know that when we get involved in our community and our children the rewards are priceless.

How Much Time is Needed?
As much or little as you can give. Some give only 2 hours a month and other up to 12 hours a month.  Any help is appreciated and you can decide how much fits with your schedule.

What Can I Do? The opportunities are endless!